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Our Deep River/North High Point/Jamestown community is no different from thousands of other communities when it comes to job loss, senior adults on fixed incomes, single parents that need a little help, and families where illness has left them wondering how to get through.  Our hope is that Hand to Hand Community Food Pantry can help those in our district. 


Open the 3rd Saturday of each month from 9:00-12:00 noon.

The pantry is housed at 2103 Penny Road (located at the corner of Penny Road and Woodpark Drive).

Anyone in our district coming to receive help will need identification with a current address.  Must live in Jamestown, North High Point area. You will have to supply information about employment, illnesses, aid from other organizations, etc.


We are reaching out to people who have lost jobs, single parents, people with disabilities and illness, and senior adults that can't make ends meet.


For more information you may call our church office at 454-2523


Dean Jordan-Pantry-Coordinator



2107 Penny Rd

High Point, NC 27265

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